Week 1 – Welcome to Sharn

Well that went well… I have to admit I was a little worried about how much of a car crash my first session GMing in Roll20 was going to be. As it turned out, I didn’t have much to worry about.

Four people had to bail at the last minute for work and family reasons, but that still left five of us, with only one person needing to create a character. With the aid of Heroforge, that didn’t take long at all, and we were able to start what I called the prologue.

I’ve got a number of threads in the forum associated with our game where I’ve been encouraging my players to roleplaying introductions and talk about why they’ve joined together, so that allowed us to brush past any particular narrative bandwagons to throw them into the action.

In this case, the players have met on the road to the city of Sharn and  enjoyed each others’ company enough to carry on looking for work together. The combination therefore of a Half-Orc  barbarian, a Warforged druid, a Human bard and a Halfling cleric  was not as odd as might have otherwise been expected.

Their adventure began as they made their way through the rainy skybridges to look for lodgings, where they encountered the aftermath of a mugging. A shadowy figure fled into the darkness, only to return with an accomplice when the adventurers stopped to investigate the body before them.

The pair of warforged barbarians attempted to retrieve a satchel from their victim, but were swiftly despatched; with one being grappled and thrown from the bridge by the half-orc, and the other perishing under the blades of the bard and druid.

The arrival of a suspicious Watch patrol was defused with cooperation and witnesses from nearby homes, and the satchel was taken as evidence. Directed to the nearest inn by the Watch sergeant, they observed a nobleman approaching the guards as they left, but continues on their way to get out of the rain. The session ended with the group settling to eat, and negotiating food and board.

Hopefully we’ll have a fuller complement next week, as the inn is a perfect staging point for gathering them all together. I’ve more or less got all the maps prepared, so let’s see what happens.

On To Week Two

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