Week 3 – The Sealed Forge

This week’s session brought the players to the endgame for their first adventure, set in the ruined vault of a long abandoned House Cannith Forge.

It was also a Bank Holiday here in the UK, so I had hoped to get started a little earlier. A combination of technical issues and multiple coffee brewing requirements put a bit of a damper on that, but we still started on time.

Much of the out of game banter during the week had revolved around the bat swarm that had caused so many problems, so I had promised there wouldn’t be any bats this week. I gave them a beetle swarm instead. Think of the beetles in The Mummy, that’s the sort of scene they faced.

Possibly due to the coffee refuelling, the players were more on the ball this time, and they distracted the swarm with food thrown in it’s path. Skirting past the ensuing frenzy, they pushed further into a tangle of ruined workshops.

Now, the biggest problem we had was that while I could see the map, no one else could. Some sort of glitch meant that the players could see nothing. I tried removing the Fog of War settings and copying the map into a fresh instance but we had no joy. I’m still not sure what caused the glitch, as everything seemed to work fine for me, maybe it was a file format problem, but I’ll update when I get to the bottom of it.

So we had to go really old school and fall back on my describing things and moving tokens that only I could see to keep track of everything. The chat, video and dice functions were all still working just fine so we just used our collective imaginations and it all worked out fine.

The next hazard they encountered were a group of Horrid Rats, basically weaponised Dire Rats created by druids in the Last War. Each the size of small dogs, covered in bony quills, spikes and plates; with acidic drool and infested with virulent diseases, they attacked this new food source but fortunately didn’t manage to harm anyone. Ruin, the Warforged Druid, even managed to Charm one, providing a potent temporary ally.

Bypassing a generally intact chapel, the group then finally found the sealed Forge and gained entrance by way of the roof. The party’s thief nearly needed new trousers when he came face to face with three Iron Defenders within the workshop itself. These are basically robot guard dogs.

The battle was brief but packed with memorable moments, from Ruin’s charmed ally eating it’s way through one of the defenders, to Koff, the half-orc barbarian, smashing his opponents with well-timed critical strikes.

The shelves of the workshop turned up some masterwork weapons that were eagerly appropriated, and then with the aid of the journal the secret hiding place of the schema was uncovered.

A brief attempt at an ambush by another Warforged, was quickly repelled, and the group returned for their reward. More work was promised by their benefactor, and we stopped there so everyone could go catch Game of Thrones.

The adventure itself was based on the sample adventure included in the Eberron Campaign Book, with scaling and extra adventures in the tunnels to compensate for our larger than average group. Be interesting to see how it develops from here…

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