Week 4 – Life In The Big City

The last few weeks had introduced the adventurers to the depths of the city; this week brought the depths to them.

For most, shopping was the priority. The grand Bazaar beckoned, definitely a step up from the Rat Market, and opportunities were available to dispose of equipment and armour stripped from dead opponents – with deductions for cleaning, repair, and the non-asking of awkward questions.

Others found messages slipped under doors, or messages left at the nearest House Sivis message station, and made contact with sympathetic souls interested in meeting the newest adventurers in town.

A week went by without contact from their patron, and then it all kicked off. A visit to the message station found the place in disarray and the gnome clerk unconscious.

Papers and ink were spilled around the office, and footprints in the ink suggested an attack by Kobold, led by another warforged. The party learned from the revived clerk that a message had just come through from their patron, and seemed to be the only thing missing.

A backup message was then delivered by a giant owl, promoting cries of “The Hogwarts Express Delivery!” by the players. Summoned back to the Broken Anvil, they found their patron dressed for travel. She handed them a haversack and was telling them about instructions places in one of the pockets, when the Kobold and their leader began their attack on the inn.

With the party having posted guards at the door, they weren’t as penned in, or taken by surprise, as their attackers might have hoped. The kobolds proved to be troublesome rather than dangerous, unlike their leader who was skilled enough to be able to hurt the most fully armoured of the adventurers.

The tide soon turned however. First Koff grappled and captured one of the kobolds, having realised that he could easily weather the attacks of his foes. A sleep spell from the Bard and crossbow shots from the inn’s windows soon whittled down the rest of their attackers.

Lady Elaydren fled the scene, fearing more assassins, leaving the party with a magical haversack filled with supplies, a letter with instructions to head for the Mournlands, and credit for travel on the lightning rail.

Seemed a good place to stop playing for the evening…

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