Week 10 – Discoveries

This week’s session continued straight on from the end of the last after a week of OC (Out of Character) debate among players about the nature of their elusive nemesis. With reserves running low therefore, the party spent as much time shoring up defences in the refinery as searching in the ruins.

With only a minimum of GM prompting, sense was finally made of cryptic inscriptions and how they related to an enormous map of the continent inlaid in the floor, but the arrival of more shambling forms led by a tall, emaciated figure in rich robes, with sharp teeth and glowing eyes prompted a smart retreat. Who knows what other treasures remain as yet undiscovered in that ruined village.

Their guide and provider of transport was initially unwilling to take them further, as the destination indicated was within the eerie mists surrounding the Mournlands. A mixture of diplomacy and threats changed his mind however, and so the group was able to make good time into the mists.

The Mournlands were created in a magical devastation some four years ago that killed pretty much the entire population, and mutated whatever survived. Furthermore, all the slain bodies encountered still appeared freshly dead, making for increasingly unnerving battlefield scenes as they progressed.

After an early ambush by mutated wolves when they stopped to investigate an early scene, the party adopted a policy of “stay on the cart” that served them well until they reached their destination.

An apparently abandoned mine lay before them. Paused only by the sudden assault of a zombie vulture that had been tracking them, the party readied to venture below, aware that someone controlling the vulture now knew where they were.

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