Language Observations

A bit of a whimsical set of thoughts this time on something we noticed while out in Florida. I thought at first that it was merely to do with being at Disney, but I observed it away from the resorts as well: that the Americans we met seemed to be censoring their own swearing.

I always though it was a feature of television shows that people cut off phrase or substituted words – certainly we stood out as moderately sweary Brits, even if the people around us didn’t quite understand what we were saying, and that we tried not to actually mentally scar any children.

But no, a man who got water down his neck resorted to “sonofa-” and I heard any number of variations of “holy moly”, “darn it”, “gosh”, and even “heck”.

Were all these people starring in their own shows, as we all are prone to believe? There didn’t seem to be any forcing of language or phrases, as I might expect of someone trying to change the sentence mid-flow.

It did make me appreciate just how sweary British daily life is that I’m more taken aback by a lack of swearing than its presence. But hey, I work with the public, so make of that what you will.

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Home At Last

It’s been a bizarre journey home over the last 24-36 hours – mostly from a combination of heavy head cold, a turbulent flight, and weird cabin temperatures.

We had people collapsing with cabin stuffiness; someone had a seizure, and more pettily, the headset socket in my seat wasn’t working properly so I had to either hold the coax connector carefully, or give up and listen to an Audible book on my phone (Atrocity Archives by Charles Stross). Sleeping, although attempted, was not on the agenda.

At least we’d arranged to have the car valeted and waiting for us as we left the terminal, so that was one less drama. The road journey was relatively clear so we soon dropped the ex-Lady M and the Charleesi home so that we could get back and unpack – and quietly collapse with lemsip and warm blankets…

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Happy New Year

It’s tempting to say good riddance to a rollercoaster year, where I’ve started and lost relationships; managed to write a huge amount and yet hit crushing roadblocks in creativity, and where my mental health took a plummet, before new friends and a welcome from the cosplay helped me start to rebuild my strength.

Work has been challenging, especially with my health, but the libraries have been supportive even while I’ve had to put the writing to one side for a while.

I’m not going to go into the politics of the year, which have enraged and saddened me at so many turns.

There’s a lot of like to put behind me, but doing so would diminish all the good times, experiences, and people who have featured in life too.

So, it’s not so much “get out of here 2017”, as “hey 2018, up for building some awesome?”

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Merry Disney

We’re having fun, we’re keeping busy. I keep meaning to blog, but I’m exhausted. I shall try again soon. Treat this as proof of life and silliness.

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Christmas Disney Travels

We finally made it to the Animal Kingdom. I say finally because it took two hours to clear passport control and sort out the rental car – which isn’t too bad, but after a nine hour flight just dragged.

Still, despite the best efforts of the little poppets in the row in front of us, who kept reclining and then straightening and then reclining their seats, it was a comfortable enough flight.

The roads here, once I’d reminded myself how to drive an automatic, were clear and the staff at the Lodge have been amazing as ever.

We have animals grazing outside, peace and quiet, and our bellies are comfortably full from eating at Sanaa.

I’ve even had some sleep. Full day planned, adventures to follow

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Off to Disney

The day is finally here – an evening of pizza and prosecco last night has turned into an early morning drive to Gatwick and the trials of automated bag drops and clearing security.

We’re currently sat in the Weatherspoons eating breakfast, and the initial giggliness from the girls has subsided into serious refuelling and checking of Facebook.

Lady M, Charleesi, and I have done this journey before, but it’s been some 20+ years for the ex-Lady M so she has been fascinated by the processes and procedures that now accompany the whole flight experience.

While I was being patted down (because of course my belt buckle set off alarms), I was asked where I was off to. “Florida” I replied, to which he said “Of course,” smiled at my Tigger hoodie and, “I should have known, have a wonderful time.” The tinsel on his belt sparkled, and behind him a security officer in an elf hat and ears grinned too.

I still haven’t got my head round this while being on holiday at Christmas, but I’m sure I’ll adapt with all these little kindnesses and flourishes.

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Travels and Trust

Oh, yeah, I have a blog – so hi there anyone who’s still hanging around… It’s a bit of a busy time of year for everyone, and we’re no exception having realised that this weekend was our main chance to try and get presents out to far-flung family members before we flit away on holiday.

So Friday saw me doing a full day at the library before going to counselling, and then driving up to Hartlepool straight after. With the closures of several sections of the M1 this meant that we got to our room at 3.46 am on Saturday morning.

A quick handful of hours’ sleep later and we dropped presents in to Lady M’s sister before popping over the Pennines to catch up with my parents and do likewise with them. This led to a gentle evening of gin, food, wine, and board games and then a relatively early night to try and make a dent in the sleep debt.

Cue a restless night, because my brain wasn’t cooperating.

And now we’re driving home again. Or rather, Lady M is doing the driving and I’m forcing myself to relax and ignore the part of me that is uncomfortable as a passenger.

I know it’s purely a control thing, especially with the weather being so wet and windy, so it’s a good exercise in trusting Lady M and her extensive driving experience – and forcing my jittery brain to just let go.

It’s been good to step outside of normal routine and comfort zones. That’s the positive here, alongside knowing that a good proportion of Christmas presents are now where they need to be…

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