Chicken and Prawn Madras with Basmati chicken stock Rice

You will need: a chicken breast, frozen prawns, half a red onion – finely chopped, baby sweetcorn – julienned, a carrot – julienned, chestnut mushrooms – sliced, frozen peas, 2-3 garlic pieces – finely chopped, madras paste, olive oil, basmati rice, salt, yellow pepper cut into strips, a chicken oxo cube

Instructions: slice the ingredients, put the kettle on, and heat oil in a pan on a medium heat, adding the onion and garlic to caramelise with a pinch of salt. Add three teaspoons of madras paste (I use Patak’s but any brand will do according to taste. Three spoons sounds a lot but there’s a lot of ingredients which will absorb the flavours here) and stir in, allowing to heat with a dash of water for two to three minutes, stirring regularly to prevent sticking.

Measure out the rice – I use a “rocks glass” worth for two people and add twice the amount of boiling water to it in a fresh saucepan with a chicken oxo crumbled into it. Loosely cover and put on a medium heat for about ten minutes, checking occasionally and lifting off the heat when the rice is cooked.

Turn up the heat in the pan and fry the chicken strips, ensuring they are completely coated in the sauce. After a couple of minutes add a handful of frozen prawns and keep stirring. Then add the carrots and pepper strips, stirring in for another couple of minutes. Add the chestnut mushrooms and frozen peas to taste and reduce to a medium heat, stirring regularly for another five minutes or so. Season to taste if needed.

Serve in a bowl – half and half, rice on one side and the curry on the other. If you prefer, naan bread warmed on the side makes a good addition.

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