Lemon Curd Chicken Stir-Fry

You will need:

2 chicken breasts cut into strips or chunks, half a red pepper thinly sliced, a diced small red onion, a carrot thinly sliced/julienned, a small tin of sweetcorn, frozen peas, chicken oxo, vegetable oxo, lemon curd, white wine vinegar, olive oil, salt, four pieces of garlic diced or crushed


Heat the oil on a high heat and stir in two generous teaspoons of lemon curd and a generous glug of white wine vinegar, add the chicken while the mix is still heating to form a warming marinade and make sure that the meat is properly cooked through before adding the onion and garlic. Add the carrot and sweet corn next and stir in, followed by the red pepper and frozen peas from the freezer. As the peas cook, stir in the mushrooms and season to taste.

Serve with boiled rice or noodles. Overall taste is/should be a light sweet and sour flavour

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