Roleplay Games

This section was originally based on the blog entries written following our first adventures in exploration of the Roll20 website. Role20 creates a virtual tabletop that has allowed our geographically diversely located players to come together with webcams to start playing roleplay games again.

At this time, we’re playing Dungeons and Dragons, but I wouldn’t be surprised if other games creep in over time.

Our first adventures – the Croomik Wars – were written and GM’d by a friend a few years back to get our old gaming group back together again following a number of years spent raising families, having careers, and generally having lives. The Wartorn adventures were DM’d by myself with the same group – and then life struck again so we had a couple more years hiatus. Our most recent adventures have come about as a support mechanism during Covid-19 lockdown and is a very different beastie in terms of tone, structure, and players.

The write-ups have proved both popular with players in the games themselves and the wider readership. I’m gathering them all here for ease of access, to save people having to trawl all the way down the blog.

I’ll add extra material as we go, such as key characters and locations as I get the time or interest together.

Campaigns from recent years:

  • Croomik Wars – a 1st Edition AD&D high level campaign featuring kidnapping, major wars, and interdimensional hijinks
  • Wartorn – a 3.5 Edition D&D low-mid-level campaign featuring travel, intrigue, spies, and pirates
  • Well, That Just Happened – a 5th Edition series of adventures that started from low level and is now wandering in strange directions featuring archaeology, academia, and dragons. It features LGBTQIA+ content and characters. Now entering its third year, the adventures of the DDC are now regularly streaming on a Sunday afternoon at
  • The Librarians – a 5th Edition game that has just started mostly with work colleagues

Hand Drawn Maps

Over the years we have accumulated a fair number of maps used in the sessions. In addition I’ve started hand drawing a few in a journal I was recently given that is full of gridded pages. These are all designed, or are suitable for, use on virtual table tops – so I’m making them available here.

Digitally Created Maps

I’ve been running our games in Roll20, so of course we’ve needed maps for combat encounters – an assortment of ad hoc and campaign-related maps are presented here for your amusement, copying, and reuse.

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