Hillsea Bay

This is a trial map I made with the online map editor http://www.inkarnate.com and then exported to see what the final result looked like. The background to the location is one where there used to be a larger city that has sunk in some past cataclysm beneath the waves, leaving only some ruins on one headland, an island in the bay, and an old graveyard on the other headland. The survivors who chose to remain have built a new settlement – one that is currently a large village rather than a town. The village thrives, supported by its fishermen and trading vessels, while the local artisans have a growing fame for their creation of fine jewellery. Between that and the long fine sanded beach, the village has begun to attract tourists from the nearby city of Windhaven. A spur of the main lightning rail line has been extended to the village, and a train arrives once a week, bringing trade items and curiosity hunters.

Every now and then people come in search of adventure, or at least in search of remnants of the lost city and routes to the hidden depths. Sometimes they don’t come back, but this is generally put down to misadventure rather than malice.

This could serve as a starting area for adventures, or the location of a standalone quest. I’ve deliberately left any further details of the area to your imagination, and have already had requests for details of the Oldtown Ruins…