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I’ve run or played in two main Dungeons and Dragons games in the last few years and had a great deal of fun trying to document them as I went along. The most recent one – Wartorn – died a death mid-campaign, which was a huge shame, but people’s real lives had to take precedence. I’ve shifted these legacy games to a sub menu so that I can focus on the new game that I’ve started with the DDC during this time of lockdowns and self-isolation. I’m not removing or altering any of the material, merely shifting it one level down the menu tree for clarity.

The two Campaigns linked here are:

Croomik – a campaign in which I was a player, using 1st Edition AD&D in a homebrew world with all the characters at a reasonably high level

Wartorn – a campaign I GM’d set in Eberron using 3.5 Edition D&D that started at first level and swashbuckled its way across several continents. Lots of maps are attached to this set of pages that are freely available for download and reuse.