Wartorn – Chapter Five

We’ve had an awful lot of time pass between the original sessions and the write-ups, so a more condensed experience starts here until such time as I’ve caught up. In this case, the major locations of the next sequence will get attention in each of the sections of this chapter.

Following the discovery of cultists and other-worldly horrors beneath the ruined outpost, the adventurers are directed to investigate the nearby port for signs of further infiltration. The trail leads to a nearby island that still bears the scars of the Last War, an isolated village, and a hidden cult entrenched in the remains of an extinct volcano.

  1. A Sleepy Little Harbour
  2. Trouble At T’Mill
  3. The Ruined Port
  4. The Old Temple
  5. The Winding Road
  6. The Southern Approach
  7. Into The Dark