A Sleepy Little Harbour

The port of Hulm nestled in a large bay in an island a few days away from the old outpost. Nominally still within Sharn’s political territories, on the surface it was like any other fishing town. Shops and inns served the locals and passing merchants alike. A river flowed from fresh springs through to the harbour, permitting mills and business to thrive quietly. All in all, a vision of pastoral plenty. There were temples to the Sovereign Host, and the Druidic Gatekeepers maintained a grove to the south. The Dragonmarked Houses were conspicuous in their absence however.

The adventurers arrived and began a careful investigation of the port and its environs. The next few days proved frustrating. Their bard successfully performed to new heights in the main inn, distracting the regulars while the rest of the group worked out who knew who.

They’d been here briefly before when they dropped their contact back home. On that occasion it had been a fleeting visit, just long enough to get a general impression of the place. They’d used the Gatekeeper Grove to communicate with their bosses, reporting in on what they’d found – and had been ordered to return to Sharn for a debriefing.

This time they were on orders to see if the mindflayer agents or cultists had any presence in the port, and if so where the cult was based. The group wasn’t entirely sure that there was anything going on here, but had noticed previously that the local druid’s apprentice had been watching them rather intently. Some of the group decided to investigate further, while the rest stayed at the inn.

Sneaking into the druidic grove, they found it deserted – not even the local wildlife could be seen. The only signs of life was faint candle light from the Gatekeeper’s shack.

On to Trouble At T’Mill