Wartorn – Chapter Four

Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum
Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum

A new era of exploration and trouble dawns for the adventurers. This time they’re on the high seas and working for themselves. What’s the worst that could happen?

How about creeping undead, noble houses after their blood, a pact with the Breland Secret Service and the discovery of an old evil that is reawakening from a very long slumber?

Their adventures have lead them home, to navigate the far murkier waters of their adopted home city, before accepting a new mission that has troubling echoes of a small series of battles fought in the closing days of the Last War against an upstart cult of Elemental Evil that had tried to carve out their own domain while the other nations were busy tearing themselves apart. An old outpost, long abandoned apart from occasional pirate visitors, has grown silent and strange

  1. Zombies of the Thunder Seas
  2. Peril on the High Seas
  3. Islands in the Mist
  4. Lightning Strikes
  5. Creeping Into The Crypts
  6. Screams In The Night
  7. Gnolls Smash!
  8. Pieces Of The Puzzle
  9. Madness and Cold
  10. Revelations In The Dark
  11. Getting Down And Dirty
  12. Crawling Among The Dead
  13. Tunnel Wars
  14. Close Quarters Encounters
  15. Spirits of Darkness
  16. Run, Run Away

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