Week 1 – Zombies of the Thunder Seas

Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum
Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum

For the first time in their careers, the adventurers are forging their own path. Until now, they have done the bidding of powerful patrons from House Cannith and worked on a freelance basis for the Breland Secret Service known as the Black Lanterns.

Their most recent adventure left them in possession of a powerful and intelligent artefact with its own agenda however. Rather than risk handing it over to House Cannith, or even to the Black Lanterns, they opted instead to try and destroy or at least incapacitate the device.

They quickly realised that when word gets back to House Cannith, they are likely to be targets for retribution. With a captured ship, taken from pirates who had tried to attack them on their way home, the world has just opened up for them.

Their first decision was to try and get back to the mainland. Joined in their endeavours by a bard who had been serving as the cook on their new ship, they set sail through the archipelago of islands between them and Sharn. Their intention was to get back to their pub and try to liquidate as many assets as possible before going on the run.

At first their journey went smoothly, but after a few days the maze of islands had confused them enough that they ended up feeling quite lost. They moored up in a small cove in the shadow of an enormous rock stack for the night and set watches. The area looked vaguely familiar, so hopefully they would be able to work out a corrected path in the morning.

Black13thThat night, the zombified remains of sahuagin killed in the area climbed from the ocean depths to assault the ship. They largely took the ship by surprise, clambering through port holes and up the sides to the deck. Others walked out of the sea onto the beach to approach the tents pitched there.

The battle was fierce. The crew fought bravely in defence of the ship and the adventurers, and the fight raged back and forth on each of the different battlefields. Those using piercing weapons were at a huge disadvantage against the waterlogged corpses, while slashing weapons proved far more effective. Darmon and Quilynn proved a powerful combination working in tandem. The combination of flight spells and air walking gave the party a number of new options on controlling the chaotic field of battle, and fortunately there were few serious injuries as the zombies were put down.

As the battle wound to an end, keen eyes spotted a couple of forms bobbing further out in the water, forms that turned and slipped away into the deep to escape a black tentacles spell cast by Darmon. Who or what those forms had been, and what they had to do with the attack was unanswered.

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