Week 13 -Tunnel Wars

The adventurers, it is fair to say, are a little sick of the ghoul warrens by now. After the most recent skirmish, they decided to retreat back in to the old crypt to recover and prepare for a fresh onslaught. The unsleeping warforged each stood guard while their more mortal companions slept and recuperated. Apart from digging and chanting faintly heard from the open tunnel mouth they were undisturbed, although the sleepers’ dreams were troubled, and strange sounds seemed to echo from elsewhere in the complex.

Warforged DemotivatorReady for a new attempt, they returned to the tunnels, with Madrigal leading the way to the  nearest unexplored tunnel. It was only his quick reflexes that saved him from a hastily jury-rigged trap set by the ghouls overnight. A huge block of masonry had been placed as a deadfall, and it narrowly missed him as he stamped though the dank corridors. Kurtis’ skills as a finder of traps and devices was suddenly in great need.

While the party had rested, the ghouls had been busy setting traps, snares and alarms. Only the fact that the enchanted stone-shaped barriers set up by the druids were still intact reassured the group that the areas cleared with such effort were still clear.

If the fear of charging in hadn’t been present before, it was paramount in people’s minds now. The twisting tunnels left few clear lines of sight, and the need to constantly check corners for oddly-placed tunnel openings was making the group paranoid. As they separated out a little to check out which branching set of tunnels was more useful, each group found themselves under attack.

This time the ghouls used hit and run attacks, attempting to lure them into ambushes or the traps so quickly set up. Some ghouls would distract and lead astray warriors while their companions struck to take advantage of flanking or aiding positions. It still wasn’t enough. Even more ghouls fell, leading the bard to quietly wonder if everything was as it seemed here – as the ghouls had not aggressively attacked when they left, or until they had pressed further in, were the ghouls in fact good and the adventurers in effect a marauding set of invaders?

As the sound of the wheep began to re-echo through the tunnels and ominous chanting and drums resumed, the rest of the group looked at her and shook their heads.

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