Week 15 – Spirits of Darkness

StatueThe adventurers were hoping they had seen the worst that the ghoul warrens could throw at them. They feared that worse was to come. Hoping that the tunnel from which the undead monk had appeared would lead to their goal, they made their way cautiously into the dark. From time to time they thought they could see shadowy forms flitting through the walls, but they couldn’t be sure if these were possible threats or figments of their stretched and tormented nerves.

After a reasonably short period of time, their path opened up into a wider cavern. The chamber was dominated by a carved floor to ceiling pillar and a dark altar of rough and porous looking stone. Their path was also blocked by an ethereal creature surrounded by tormented looking spirits. This demonic creature had corrupted and accompanied the undead monk over the centuries, and it was accompanied by the tortured spirits of people who had succumbed to its powers.

Battle was joined, and the incorporeal nature of their opponents made for a more challenging encounter than expected. The creatures needed only to make contact with the adventurers to affect them, rather than try and batter through their defences, which meant that the less heavily armoured players stood a better chance of evading the rapid hit and run attacks than the more traditional warriors. Worse, the creatures’ attacks were more aimed at the minds and wills of the party. The demonic creature at the heart of the chamber was able to confuse and bewilder them, with the horrific twist that the confusion often led to the affected adventurers turning their own weapons on themselves.

The babau demon that had escaped Madrigal in the previous fight chose that moment to return to the fray, and the warforged warrior, still badly wounded from their first encounter, fell before its onslaught. The creature was quickly despatched by the rest of the group, and the remaining opponents were soon run to ground, despite their speed and ability to dart through walls.

Assured that they had seen the last of their opponents, they regrouped and began to investigate the chamber and its contents.

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