Week 17 – Smackdown

The huge construct of ancient Giant design was so far resisting most of the attempts by the party to stop it. As we rejoined the action, it had been battered, burned, electrocuted, shot and subjected to a number of magical effects. While each attack had been largely successful, they didn’t seem to be quite as effective as expected – flames had died suddenly, electrical discharges dispersed quickly, cold evaporated by heating coils, and if they didn’t know better, the adventurers would swear that minor rents and dents were mending themselves before their eyes.

Where Combat Rules
Where Combat Rules

Sixty cables stretched from rune-carved pillars, twisting and writhing out of reach to connect to the construct, so the adventurers split their efforts between trying to sever them and keep fighting the giant creature. The cables proved difficult to target, though area effect spells seemed to work quite well. Even so, they were so tough that only two had actually been broken when the situation escalated further.

Firstly, the schema, which had been attached to the construct had begun to glow, and in quick succession a couple of confusion effects swept across the group. The first one was barely resisted, but the second caught up Bumperklart, Ruin and Gear (Ruin’s animal companion – a wolf). The fighter and the druid were forced to flee while Gear, maddened by the spell effects, turned on Keill and started to try and savage him.

At the same time, two other columns cracked open to reveal nine foot tall effigies of giant women in armour that suddenly moved to attack the adventurers. These giant guardians used enormous halberds to press the attack and defend the construct as it fended off various summoned creatures that were piling on the damage.

After a few nervous moments as the various confusion spells in play alternated their effects on the adventurers and the construct itself between flight, fight and indecision, the defenders and the construct itself were felled. Darmon the mage tried to scoop up the schema only to find that it was intelligent and evil – with a deep hatred of all biological life and a drive to conquer. The entire battle hadn’t been against a construct that had appropriated the schema into its body, but against the schema that was wearing the construct as a suit of armour.

Narrowly resisting the mental control of the artifact, Darmon was able to put it into the extradimensional confines of one of the group’s Handy Haversacks, cutting the schema’s ability to project fear and confusion and telepathic threats. After quickly scouring the chamber for removable treasures, they made their way quickly back out of the temple and back to their waiting boat. On the way they appropriated the flying skiff left by the Emerald Claw at the camp site, and tethered it to the boat to bring it back to Stormreach with them.

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