Wartorn – Chapter Two

The second arc begins here with a group of adventurers that have survived their first trials and returned to the melting pot that is Sharn – City of Towers. Now they face a race against agents of powerful factions to track down a rogue agent who has stolen a powerful magical blade and fallen under a curse of undeath.

  1. Innuendo Bingo
  2. Road Trip
  3. The Light Fantastic
  4. Race Against Time
  5. Sky Pirates
  6. All Hands On Deck
  7. Getting Down
  8. Bats In The Belfry
  9. Rumble On The Tracks
  10. Stormy Night
  11. Look Up!
  12. Delving Deep
  13. Look Down!
  14. Death Becomes Him
  15. The Final Battle


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