Wartorn – Chapter One

This is the campaign that followed the Croomik Wars, with a jump into 3rd Edition Dungeons and Dragons.

It’s the first game (apart from isolated one-offs) that I’ve GM’d in a good fifteen years or so, and the first time I’ve run a 3rd Edition game at all, so we’ve all been on a steep-ish learning curve and loved the journey.

In Chapter One, the adventurers were thrown together by chance and a bit of a nudge by fate. They explored a sealed off forge far beneath the city of Sharn, before racing across the continent by Lightning Rail and Caravan to recover a mysterious piece of lost magical research. Along the way they fought undead, warforged, and halfling raiders before facing off against a rival expedition allied to the Emerald Claw.

The adventure was based off published material in the Eberron Campaign Setting book and the adventure module “Shadows of the Last War” with extra material inspired as we went along.

You can either follow the drop-down links or pick a week from this list:

  1. Welcome To Sharn
  2. Into The Sewers
  3. The Sealed Forge
  4. Life In The Big City
  5. Lightning Rail Adventures
  6. On To The Frontier
  7. Picking Fights
  8. A Night of Mayhem
  9. The Refinery
  10. Discoveries
  11. Into The Mine
  12. It All Gets A Bit Hot
  13. Unlucky For Some

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