Smugglers Cave

This is a hand drawn generic encounter set in a cave with a stream running through it sourced from deeper underground. A small group of ne’er do wells has claimed the side caves as a combined storage and hideout – using this quiet spot to hide from the authorities. On the map, a portcullis secures the entrance, and the cave to the right after the entrance contains the mechanism to draw the barrier up in a similar manner as a garage door. This area doubles as a guard room. Any furniture, containers, or inhabitants are up to the GM, but an informal selection of personal effects and a some rough furniture will probably suffice.

The other two caves are generally used as storage, with a small living quarters behind a curtain. The dynamics and goals and expectations of the smugglers or other individuals using this area are up to the GM.

Further up the stream, a side tunnel leads to a cave which is the lair of cave fishers (or other equivalent menaces) that live on vermin and fish that make their way up from the deeper caverns. The smugglers and the cave fishers don’t really interact aside from any opportunistic encounters, and tend to avoid each other. Curious adventurers will no doubt get into all manner of trouble.