Temple of the Dead

This layout is intended to be of an underground complex housing the dead. Priests live in a lower level below the preparation rooms, place of worship, ossuary and charnel room. Entrance is via a staircase in the top left of the map straight into an ossuary displaying the bones of the most honoured dead. The small alcove at the bottom of the stairs could house an acolyte, or a guard, or a more supernatural guardian should such be deemed necessary.

The tone of this site can vary greatly depending on the nature of the priests controlling it and the campaign’s relationship with death. For a generally good aligned faith with the Grave Domain, this can be a place of tranquillity that celebrates the deceased’s remains with a safe haven untouched by evil and undeath. Clerics could facilitate communication with the departed, even for the long dead with the care taken with their remains.

Alternatively this could be a dark and forbidden place, celebrating the power of death and destruction – or a haunt of the undead. The lower levels, instead of being living quarters, could conceal horrors or treasures – given that entrance to them is by way of a secret door this may not be a surprise to learn.