The DDC – Well, That Just Happened: An Eberron Adventure

Even in a fantasy universe, the halls of academia remain places of intrigue and conflict – especially in the aftermath of a century-long civil war. These are the stories of the DDC.

About the DDC Campaign

These pages concern our new 5e Dungeons & Dragons game, set up since the start of the Coronavirus lockdown. We are playing it using Discord for voice communications and Roll20 as the gaming and mapping background with video calls disabled to preserve bandwidth. Compared with groups that I’ve run in previous years, this is a much smaller group – five players in total and myself as the DM. The aim of providing a safe space for players and DM alike is also more explicit in this campaign than it may have been in the past. Members of the group (players and characters alike) are spread far and wide across the gender identity and sexuality spectrum so a queer-friendly space is a must. We are also keeping an eye on spoons and comfort levels as many group members are no stranger to neurodivergence, and mental health is a particular consideration given the isolation.

Themes and Features

We have a range of levels of experience gaming in the group, with several people also never having used Roll20 before. What has been pleasant to have develop therefore has been a roleplay-heavy approach which distinguishes this campaign from others that I’ve run or played in the past. It is forcing me as a GM to step outside my comfort zone and try new approaches too, and I look forward to seeing how hard and often my well-planned campaign is derailed in the interests of a fun time.

The DDC itself – at least at the start of the game – is a group that has been taken on by Wynarn University’s Department of Orcish Archaeology as investigators and delvers into mysteries. These aren’t ordinary tomb robbers then, these are University Tomb Robbers…

Key Events and Encounters – Additional notes on the adventures of the DDC

Notable Characters – a list of player and non-player characters of note in the campaign, which will no doubt change on a frequent basis…

Letters Home by Valenia – a series of letters sent by Valenia reflecting on her adventures.