DDC Characters and Notable Individuals

A Dramatis Personae, if you will, of significant individuals (whether or not they were intended to be by the GM at the time or not) within the DDC campaign:

Player Characters

These thumbnail descriptions are provided by their players and will be updated as and when deemed necessary.

  • Caeluma – Physical Description: Dark red skin, purple eyes, black hair, long tail, purple horns and very sharp canines. Usually wearing long dresses with slits in the sides, 2 holsters on either thigh for their daggers, a cloak and boots, sometimes gloves. Their preferred weapons are a spear and their 2 daggers.  This is Caeluma Gladia Argentum-Scientia, birth name: Caela Ba’Orla, born to human parents and raised in Newthrone in Q’Barra. Her mother tried for years to provide a child for her husband, and so made a pact with a demon and Caeluma was born. For a split second their mother loved them, until realising something was wrong, and quickly that love turned to hate. Their father doted on them, until their mother became pregnant and in time poisoned their father against them. In time they were driven from the family home at the age of 15 and quickly found a purpose, and devoted themselves to that purpose, but quickly the people they grew to know and love found out their secret, and so they were ditched. After that, they cut themselves off emotionally and set out to use their powers for dubious means, scheming and swindling those unlucky to meet them. But recently they realised they weren’t happy, and have decided to find their own family. They enjoy camping, knitting, reading and apple juice. 
  • Coal – Warforged rogue and arcane trickster – adopted by the DDC, and perpetually bemused partner to Caeluma. Coal was a minor sneak thief captured by the group when he picked their pockets in the University District. Initially reluctant he has grasped the chance to better himself and joined the group while still keeping loose contact with his previous gang: The Cheeky Lads. Under Caeluma’s tutelage and encouragement he has begun a transformation in confidence and poise, with trips to the artificer to refine and polish his appearance – literally.
  • Kerne – Dragonborn, of seemingly humanoid parents, who have dragonesque qualities about them. The 4th of 5 children, and is closest to her youngest sibling – Fae – whom she inadvertently set on fire as a small child. It was this incident that got her evicted from the family home & truly began her journey of curiosity which led to her becoming the youngest professor of Arcana & Lore at the local University
  • Thorin – A gruff dwarf who became a local hero to the towns and settlements on the borders of Aundair and Thrane during the Last War. He marshalled and trained several local militias, and acted to defend the helpless where he could. Generally amiable and presenting a no-nonsense approach to the world, he is a simple man who speaks his mind with kindness in his heart. He has recently been rediscovering elements of his heritage with a focus on the intricate traditions of beard arrangement and decoration, while keeping an amused eye on the antics of his travelling companions. When not adventuring, he does odd jobs in the area, and is a rising star in the local pit fighting scene.
  • Valenia – a half orc with pale green skin and white hair, hailing from a small town to the southeast of goldmire in the shadow marches, hunting for her town from an early age, she has felt there was more to the world, she is no stranger to travel but only within the borders of the shadow marches, she views the world through very curious and niave eyes, she is shy but can step up when she looses patience, her trusty bow whisperwind, is made from the antlers of the first buck she killed, carved intricately carved over the years each spiral and marking a memory

Past Members of the DDC

  • Alfonso – Always impeccably turned out, usually in his duelist’s attire, Alfonso is a young halfling man; about 3’2″ tall with tidy brown hair, a perfectly pointed beard and deep brown eyes, barely visible behind the elaborate bravado mask he wears when he duels. Alfonso was born in Cindermire to a wealthy family and, though he received a fine education and lived much of his life in safety and security, he was inspired by tales of swashbuckling adventurers and found himself in need of a touch more excitement. A few years back, he took to the road with his older brother Rodrigo and they travelled together for a while before parting ways with promises of stories and songs to be shared when next they meet. While on the road he has mainly earned his coin as a trained duelist or as a storyteller; though sometimes, if needs must, he is more than able to lighten the purse of the right person through charm, deceit or a quick flex of his nimble fingers.Alfonso is a lover of good food, good wine and good company; he’s quick with a joke but always ready to turn serious in defence of his honour or the honour of his friends and family if the need arises. Alfonso left the group to accompany Briar home when he realised that the adventuring life was not for him.
  • Briar – a young half-orc druid with dappled green-grey skin, dark red hair, rich brown eyes and a smile like sunlight. Raised in a large, sprawling cottage in the Mosswood, Briar has always been fascinated by the mysteries and secrets of the wild; a fascination which has grown and deepened in the wake of a strange fey vision. Spurred on by that vision, and to distract from a recent heartbreak, Briar has set his sights on exploration, rekindling a fierce childhood desire to follow in his parents’ footsteps and see the world for himself. He has been travelling for three months and, despite the joy he finds in seeing new places and meeting new people, Briar misses his home; sometimes so much that it hurts. He is ill at ease in crowded towns and cities and he longs with all his heart for the day he can follow his feet back to his parents’ cosy woodland hearth with a myriad of stories to tell. After their experiences in the uncovered goblin temple, he decided that the hardships of the adventuring life were not for him, and he went home, accompanied by Alfonso.


  • Bartok – professional pit fighter and strongman – made friends with Thorin during the Festival of New Growth after Thorin beat him in both arm wrestling and the tug of war.
  • Bob Rancaster – alchemist and partner of Gertrudeanallarris Kemsler, he developed part of a formula for synthetic dreamlily, which Lord Kemsler has stolen. Bob died of a heart attack not long later, but he didn’t let that stop him and now he continues his work in the basement of his ramshackle and decaying mansion. Dhaask enforcers sent after him after his partner’s betrayal did not survive the experience.
  • Eleanor – strong, beautiful, barmaid at the Brazen Hydra, the inn nearest the DDC’s home. Held the line as anchor in the tug of war in the Festival of New Growth.
  • Harald – one of the shepherds who found the lost temple near Fort Light. Told his tale when plied with beer and spoken to honestly.
  • Johann – one of the shepherds who found the lost temple. Ventured in to investigate and was slain by the undead within. His body was found and retrieved by the DDC.
  • Keene – landlord of The Golden Fleece, the inn in Rhender where the DDC stayed in their first adventure. Slightly stand-offish, but not averse to plying the group with their favoured drinks when their antics are entertaining the locals.
  • Lord Gertrudeanallarris Kemsler – gnomish artificer and sage, he was a romantic partner of Bob Rancaster before he stole the former’s formula for synthetic dreamlily. Believed to have gone to sell it to the Boromar crime family. Is being pursued by the Dhaask crime syndicate. Also had Shriken’s egg in a furnace at his home in Fairhaven that was due to be delivered to the Dhaask.
  • Mergane Merrydown – Secretary of Orcish Archaelogy at Wynarn University, Fairhaven, Aundair. A cheery and slightly giddy halfling academic acting as sponsor to the DDC as they begin their investigations. Has a pet Iron Defender and a small dinosaur roughly the size of a parrot that enjoyed being treated by the characters.
  • Mister Simmons – warforged butler to Lord Kemsler in his house in Fairhaven.
  • Pieter Trell – manager of the restaurant and bar cars on a journey between Fairhaven and Watersedge. Cultist of the Dragon Below, supported by a dolgaunt and its dolgrim minions, he installed an otyugh in the waste carriage that pushed all the customers to continue eating and drinking to and beyond excess. Dressed in a bright red costume with white trim, he was killed by Caeluma.
  • Rebena Misslewright – fey-bonded half elf warlock who served as bait and magic support in an ambush on the DDC
  • Ronald (last name unknown) – a waiter and bartender on the Fairhaven to Fort Light route on their lightning rail journey for the DDC’s first adventure. Unflappable and unerringly polite, especially with first time travellers and those unused to coinage exchange rates.
  • Sergeant Kaarsk – dwarven leader of the local guard patrols in the DDC’s home neighbourhood
  • SPD-187 (“Speedy”) – a warforged ex-soldier employed at the Training Grounds near Wynarn University.

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