Key Events and Encounters

In trying to reconstruct the timeline of the DDC’s adventures, it seemed a good idea to compare their adventures to that of a band on tour With that in mind – think of these as either the cities and venues explored, or at the very least chapter headings, depending on how you are most comfortable thinking about it.

Year One

  • The Goblin History Faculty
  • The Creepy Goblin Temple [cancelled]
  • [redacted]
  • The Alchemy Heist
  • The Lonely House
  • Eat or Die
  • There’s No Mimic Like Home
  • Last Snow Festival
  • The Fast and the Kidnapped
  • The Undercroft
  • King of the Ring
  • Festival of New Growth
  • Home But Not Alone
  • Casino Tanja
  • The Sky Docks
  • The Timely Eagle
  • Tiny Death from Above
  • The Broken Grove
  • Feywild Interlude
  • Blinded Eye Swamps

I’ll add in related material and notable elements as I go along, or remember, or get nagged…