The Broken Grove

Following their battle against diminuative sky pirates bearing the symbol of the blinded eye the DDC followed a pall of faint smoke to the crashed remains of Tamsin’s Zephyr – the flying ship which had been carrying Lord Kemsler to Sharn. Leaving the Timely Eagle hovering above, the group was taken to the ground in a flying skiff by Captain Velial.

The ship had fallen out of the sky into a grove of ancient oaks, crushing and burning everything in its path. As the group investigated they were quickly threatened by maddened dryads who had been bound to the trees in the grove. The dryads, in their insane grief, mistook the DDC as the cause of the destruction – but swift thinking, the use of their jug of everlasting waters, and refusing to fight or show any aggression got through to them and a wordless truce was called.

Sprites guarding the grove then revealed themselves and judged the DDC worthy of help and the forging of a deal to track Kemsler and the coven of hags that had spirited him away.