Letter Five

dear mumsy and pops
after what felt and almost was a lifetime, we returned home from a lakeside town in search of a missing alchemist “Ramcaster” upon arrival we spent the night in a local inn, and at first light headed to the last known location of the alchemist, once we got there the whole estate was in shadows and mists, the ground hard from the morning frost, as we entered i was hit with a cold spot but did not think anything of it, weird things happen in these old houses, we investigated and it appeared as though no one had been in the house for a long time, while investigating caeluma appeared to be on a mission on their own, wandering off towards the kitchen, after a few minutes and the sound of cracking wood, rhaine heard shouts from caeluma, he sprinted off towards the kitchen which in turn made me jump to attention and run after her, confronted by what can only described as lots of centipedes, after a short skirmish the other joined us and we headed into a wine cellar, as we checked the walls and casks a small switch was triggered and a door opened, upon further investigation we were set upon by animated weapons and animated armour, haven’t seen anything like this since pops training room at the barracks, 2 bodies of ruffians lay strewn about the floor and appeared to be from sharn and a criminal gang that operates out of there, more investigations uncovered another secret door some animated skeletal remains and then we found ramcaster, well what was ramcaster, very much undead but with all his faculties in check and still very much the same person as before although with far less um flesh.
he informed us that a ghost had been haunting the building and wouldn’t let him leave, we exited the cellar and headed back upstairs after fighting off hordes of spiders from a curious dragonborn looking in a chimney stack (what is it with dragonborns and fire anyway) i found myself face to face with the spirit, frightened to my core a curse was placed on me and i aged 30 years in a blink of an eye, every thing felt wrong and i hurt………… a lot, and the youth of my friends began to irritate me with their happiness, as we entered a room we noticed a hole in the ceiling, heading up the rickety stairs we began investigating more, at which point we found the room, caeluma being the most athletic of us got to an old table and opened a small pouch of powder and their demeanour changed, the spirit aged me yet again and i found it hard to see and my memories were fragmented and i was happy to be assisted by my friends now, i think others had been aged but i found it hard to tell at this point, we finally found the body of the spirit and laid it to rest, after heading back to ramcaster who informed us my condition could be reversed at the local temple, he handed us a letter and we headed out

a day later we were back on the lightning rail home, started nice, we headed to breakfast and began eating and eating and eating and emptying ourselves and eating, just then, kerne and caeluma dragged us away from the table to our bunks, at which point they informed us that we were being compelled to eat, we found the conductor who escorted us to another carriage and we were confronted with mutated creatures who didn’t put up much of a fight, we headed to the next carriage and a giant monstrosity the smell of faeces and vomit was near on overpowering, and yes i still had the urge to eat, after what felt like the longest fight in a long time we emerged victorious, the conductor was stabbed to death by a very angry caeluma, once we got to the destination authorities where informed and we were allowed to go on our way home 


Valenia x