Letter Four

Dear mumsy and pops
we have returned from rhender, we’re not even sure what happened we we have recently woken in fairhaven with a small gap in our memory, two of our party have headed off to process recent ongoings, it is nice to be in a place that is warmer, and has proper beds, i have learned a few tricks along the way, the spirits have blessed me with the ability to heal
since returning we have been thrown into the fray quite quickly, we had been sent to find out about a university professor who has been missing for a while on our journey we came across a warforged who guided us into the building after picking our pockets. as we approached the terrace we were confronted with a gargoyle, i haven’t felt such evil before. caeluma pulled an egg from the furnace and is now the proud “parent of a fairy dragon” 

Dear Valenia
i am happy to hear you are back in the fairhaven, i hope that your adventure wasn’t to taxing and you have have recovered on your journey home.
since our last letter and the worrying news that you had been hurt, we decided that maybe your hunting companion would be a good idea now that you have a standing with the inn and the university, everyone back here is missing your greatly, please be careful and take lots of potions with you

Valenia x