Letter One

dear mumsy and pops

so i have finally met properly with my travelling companions for our next expedition for the university, we spent a few days at the first inn, very nice but the bed was so hard and the floor boards creaked with every step past my door, the kitchen did a very nice selection of dried meats, cheeses and pies, oh and the ale was better than the stuff that grampy brews, but i miss the smell of home, the city is crowded and loud, but there are so many wonders i had never seen before, did you know that you can ride on a double high carriage?. i have spotted many stalls i wish to have a look at when we get back from our outing, but i musn’t spend all my money before i know what we are up to, to put your mind at ease i am adventuring with two old acquaintances from our area, one is also another half orc like myself, Briar is kind but nervous and plays with flowers, i think they come from the town not to far from us, the accent and slang reminds me of home, Alfonso is a halfling that is very loud and sure of himself, we even watched as he juggled daggers, i’m sure his boots have a platform in them, Caeluma is a Tiefling and they seem kind but wary of people, they like to knit, their horns remind me of the plains rams , Kerne is dragonborn and i’m still not sure about them, they keep asking if i practice the “old ways” i wonder if pops could shed more light on this, i wonder if they mean our tribes practices.

anyway you can send any letters and parcels to our inn we are using as home for the foreseeable future, if we have moved on they will forward it to the university anyway,
i love and miss you lots