Letter Two

dear mumsy and pops

after a few days in the new inn and some bonding, we have been given an invitation to meet with the representative, as we wandered the halls full of scholars and academics it made me wonder if i should have studied harder, but i realise that i had been given a gift for the hunt from Boldrei to protect and supply our hearth, now it seems a new “family” needs my skills, we met with a lovely halfling by the name of Mergain Merrydown, she was lovely and nervous, but also a bit eccentric, her family owns and iron defender, the only other time i had seen one was back in the watch barracks with pops took me for the day, she also had a small lizard or reptile that seemed to enjoy the fuss from some of my companions, we had tea, which i assumed was going to be a meal, but halflings have cakes, finger food, sandwiches, pastries and pots of tea, it was all very surreal watching the plates and trays float in of their own accord, but it was yummy, i will be seeing yet more new lands in the near future as we will be heading out on a lightning train in so excited as i have never ridden on one, we are heading to through eldritch grove and on to fort light, and we are going to be studying a recently unearthed area believed to be an orc temple, i know it is a few days travel so hopefully will have some stories to tell you when we get to our next destination. im so excited to see how our ancient people lived and the beliefs they had.
all my love


ps not many pigeons around seems very odd.