The Fisher’s Inn

This is another early experiment using – and this time its a small battle map suitable for any virtual table top. In this case it has a 20×27 grid, assuming five foot to a square. The map is geared at small encounters, or as a backdrop to an unexpected meeting, or a resting spot for a campsite.

A 20x27 gridded top down map of an inn, its cobbled courtyard, some scattered ruins, and the bank of a river

A previous inn on the site was destroyed in a magical duel and the scattered stones are still visible on the grounds where the river hasn’t washed them away. The current Inn is not open for business at present, its owners having gone away.

Fish now dart and swirl in the shallow waters, and occasionally end up on the plates of people who stop and rest here.

For now it is a lonely place, occasionally opened, aired, and maintained by caretakers acting on behalf of the owner’s family. A local ranger called Martine Orien maintains a small camp among the nearby trees for when she is in the area; but even (or especially) in her absence the space has become something of a favourite place for people to meet and conclude shady deals or exchange information.

Even with the sluggish waters here, it is a peaceful place – and hopefully one day the owners will return from war.