Christmas Disney Travels

We finally made it to the Animal Kingdom. I say finally because it took two hours to clear passport control and sort out the rental car – which isn’t too bad, but after a nine hour flight just dragged.

Still, despite the best efforts of the little poppets in the row in front of us, who kept reclining and then straightening and then reclining their seats, it was a comfortable enough flight.

The roads here, once I’d reminded myself how to drive an automatic, were clear and the staff at the Lodge have been amazing as ever.

We have animals grazing outside, peace and quiet, and our bellies are comfortably full from eating at Sanaa.

I’ve even had some sleep. Full day planned, adventures to follow

Disney Day One

The flight went well, with only a minimum of irritations, I’m pleased to report. This left only my first attempt at driving an automatic in the US to contend with.

My overwhelming memories are that it was odd being on the wrong side of the car, moreso than any worry about the side of the road, so I had to retrain my lane discipline to stop drifting. Pretty much everything else was “just” a mirror-flip.

I may have startled a couple of buses, and my observation is that despite all the strict warnings about posted speed limits, no one else was observing them. Oh, and I may have nearly run over the gatekeeper to the Saratoga Springs resort (sorry!). Fortunately the English accent seems to make most things forgiveable…


We spent our first day at Animal Kingdom, and my pedometer says we covered nearly eleven miles. No wonder we’re all footsore this morning. The highlight was definitely the Himalayan Escape – a great runaway train ride which we jumped on a couple of times.

We were also due to eat at Sanaa, the african-indian themed restaurant attached to the park’s resort. Great service, fantastic cooking and a great wind-down to the day.

In retrospect we should have called it quits and gone to bed then, but the bus took us to Downtown Disney and straight into hyperactive families just as we had no reserves to cope. We beat a hasty retreat and had a gentle collapse back in our room.

Lined up for today: Epcot. Let battle commence…