Happy Anniversary

And now to play...

You know, as opposed to an unhappy one. Three years ago, as I write this, I think I was in a Starbucks with my father, getting drinks before cramming into his car to drive to Rowton Castle for my wedding to the redoubtable Lady M-to be. The nervousness was rising, but manifesting in my appearing more distant and reserved as the project manager in me picked off the possible problems and matched them to the contingencies we’d arranged.

In the end, there’s whole swathes of the day itself that I just don’t remember because it all went by so quickly. There are just some key moments: the panic on people’s faces when the doors stayed shut at the beginning of the bridal march; being piped to our first dance to the Halo theme; making the PA system virtually explode when I made my speech, and the sheer glorious expression of joy on Lady M’s face as we exchanged vows and rings.

I regret not seeing the Combat Morris Dance-off, which sounded awesome, but that’s about the only regret I have about the last few years.

We have an amazing, joyous life together. We face everything together, but give each other the space and freedom to be ourselves. We recognise that the flaws and oddities in each other are as part of who we fell in love with as beauty, humour and simple awesomeness.

That acceptance and wholehearted openness to explore life together and support and encourage each other through ups and downs only begins to scratch the surface of how rich and beautiful this marriage is.

We’ve a quiet night planned. I have steak and chips planned for a meal, and just sometimes that’s enough. Love you Lady M.

Preparing for Valentines

Keep Calm and Use the Konami Code

I’ve been scratching my head this year with the realisation that Valentine’s Day and our anniversary are only a couple of weeks apart. This year is our third anniversary, which means that gifts should be either leather, if you’re going the traditional route, or glass or crystal for the more modern gifts.

I still haven’t seen anything leap forward from the shelves or catalogues yet (suggestions from the peanut gallery are welcome, as ever) so I’m hoping a wander round the shops tomorrow will see something suitable appear.

In the meantime, I’m using the excuse of Valentine’s Day to set up a mini event at the library. We’ve been taking favoured books, photocopying the stock control bar codes and then wrapping the books in plain paper. The bar codes and three word descriptions go on the wrapper, and there we have our Blind Book-Date display, ready for the next couple of weeks.

A love of books is just as valid. If you think otherwise, you’re wrong đŸ˜‰

No Roll20 This Week

In our group we use Facebook messaging to keep in touch during the week – it’s particularly helpful for letting people know when to expect the Google Hangout  invitations to go out. I know this sounds back to front, but that’s just the way of it. Certainly in our circles the main difference in the two social networks is that FB is for chatter and keeping up with acquaintances, while G+ is for keeping up with interests and hobbies.

Monday afternoon saw some unwelcome news however that our GM had been burgled at the weekend and so was temporarily unavailable while he sorted things out. My initial response was to offer to help anyone who needed to do some character generation for my upcoming campaign, and then Lady M gently tapped me on the shoulder and reminded me that Monday was the actual calendar date of our second anniversary, and that even though we’d spent most of the previous week celebrating it in combination with my birthday, she would really rather have some quiet time with me than spend her evening doing more revision and study for her professional qualifications.

While I am frequently described by her as the dumbest smart guy she knows, I’m not entirely stupid, so I prepared supper, broke out some rose wine and found Wreck-It Ralph on the Sky Movies package for us to collapse on the sofa to.

Now if only we weren’t both completely thick with headcolds still – but it was a nice quiet evening that was particularly nice after the hectic work day we’d each had.