Jubilee Weekend

I’m not particularly engaged with the jubilee, probably because I’ve been helping my staff arrange events around it over the last few months. While I appreciate the event for the historical thing it is, it doesn’t really set my world on fire.

It’s also, after a half term of looking after the cub, actually been nice to do very little today but play Two Point Gospital, some Destiny2, and watch some TV without a quizzical little voice in my ear.

As for the rest if the weekend, I’ll be catching up with the Charleesi tomorrow for a birthday meal, and then fingers crossed for Dungeons and Dragons in the evening.

I’m more excited for those two things, I have to say.

Bank Holiday Weekend

It’s been a good weekend so far – we hit the gym, I remembered my counselling session, and last night’s D&D game was sweet and roleplay orientated and set things up for the next story arc

Today we have the cub staying over while boy s is back at work, and we’re planning to go see The Wessex Pistols and catch up with friends at The Plough later this afternoon. Should be fun, but I do wonder how the cub will react to it all. We shall see.

In the meantime, we have sunshine, birdsong, and washing drying on the balcony. Not a bad start.

An Actual Bank Holiday Off

This doesn’t happen all that often: I normally seem to end up working the Saturday of any given Bank Holiday. The break couldn’t come at a better time.

The sun has been out, the Charleesi is staying the weekend, and we’ve spent the day at Thorpe Park for the first time in ages. (Spoiler: it was very busy). Tomorrow we’re seeing friends for a barbecue, and who knows what Monday will bring.

Even better, I’m on leave next week, and a few days away in Cornwall beckon. I need the recharge, and so far it looks like I’m going to get it!

A Day In Town

I’ll admit it was a bit of an impulse, but we decided to break with tradition and actually do something with our day off. I suggested the Victoria & Albert Museum, mostly because I’ve never been before.

With Lady M’s resurgent interest in dress design and cosplay, it seemed as good an excuse as any to look at the design elements of fashion and the items around us – and we spent hours happily admiring beautiful things.

The V&A is a huge building; I hadn’t appreciated how much they have on display. From silver reliquaries and stained glass windows, to consumer electronics and protest posters, by way of a history of fashion over the last four hundred years or so it was a visual feast.

It was too much to take in, and we’ll have to go back for targeted, bite-size, repeat visits. Was it a grand day out? It was fascinating. It’s also given me a few prompts for stories, so there’s an added bonus…

At Last, The Weekend

It’s a Bank Holiday – a chance for a long weekend. Well, it would be but I worked on Saturday so today is the first real day of my break. 

A nice slow wake-up, with neither myself or Lady M needing to rush anywhere, was a good start. Body Balance class is done now, and the house is resounding to the sounds of combat in Assassin’s Creed 3 as Lady M continues her rampage through the whole game series.
This evening we’re meeting the Charleesi and the ex-Lady M to go see Guardians of the Galaxy vol 2, and on any given weekend that would be a brilliant day in its own right

But then neither Lady M or I are working tomorrow either! How civilised.

Weekend Runabout


Oh, we had so many plans for this weekend just gone, but reality continued throw spanners into the works with gleeful abandon. We’ve changed the weekends that we’ll have Charleesi in visitation so we were all hyped to hit the rollercoasters again. Sadly ill health changed those plans, but not before we’d at least had a great evening in Isleworth with the Wessex Pistols. We’re known enough now for band members to say hi as they finish their sound check. It’s always a good night, even when some of the locals get a bit, um, odd…

Our other original plans for the weekend had been to attend the Artyfakes weekend barbecue, but we were so exhausted and wrung out from the travel and emotional fallout of the last month that we reluctantly gave our apologies and stayed home instead. A decidedly quiet Saturday night was had in front of the television instead.

A chance conversation with W and B led to our going to visit them on Sunday after we’d dropped the unwell Charleesi home. They’ve just moved to a lovely new home about five minutes’ drive away from their old place. One impromptu barbecue and a late night game of Cards Against Humanity later and we ended up sleeping in their spare room. Thank heavens for Bank Holiday Mondays.

And so, back to work. After being on the road for the best part of three weeks it’s all feeling a bit odd. Thankfully the Great British Public have remained as fiercely odd as ever – so it’s been a great distraction from everything. I’ve also confirmed my phone interview for the new job for next week, so I’ll be focusing on preparation for that soon. The Monday D&D games will resume soon too, so I need to do some work on that, and to make sure I’ve actually written up everything here too.


Slow Bank Holiday


I definitely needed to stop this weekend. My nights have been so unsettled that my body pretty much mandated a shut down this extended weekend. Unfortunately, being so tired has also meant my mood has been very erratic the last couple of days, with today being particularly bad, hence the limited updates.

We did get a couple of good gaming sessions in, though I did have to force myself to participate at first (not great as the person GMing). We also spent a lot of time on Netflix binge-watching Once Upon A Time and catching up on Sky with Blacklist and Penny Dreadful. I even got some writing done.

I can’t help feeling I’ve been a let-down and burden to people this weekend, even though intellectually I know this isn’t a reality. I hate that these mood plummets are back, but I’m focusing on trying to say ‘fuck it’ to break the inward cycles and not retreat back to the duvet. Keeping active and involved is hard work, but it means I stay functional and don’t surrender. Just bear with me.