Random Scribblings

In between looking after ailing partners, a plague rat cub, and trying to get back to work (at least remotely), I decided to write some randomness as a block breaker. I’m trying to rekindle the writing so just letting stuff spool out of the brain seemed a good idea:

There are few guilty treasures in life like discovering a rogue After Eight mint tucked away at the end of the box – especially if it’s tucked flush against the end that looks empty, overshadowed by one of the tabs. The feel of the smooth waxy paper against your fingertips instead of cardboard sends an illicit thrill up your spine that is part surprise and part anticipatory glee.

It’s like finding an unexpected fiver in your winter coat pocket when you put it on for the first frosty morning of the year – except that the associated gratification is far more immediate, and comes wrapped in mint fondant and dark chocolate.

Fiction Fragment: Too Many Sides

A bit of a block-breaker scrawl that seems to be begging for expansion into something else – not sure what though…

“Things made of metal shouldn’t generally have too many sides for their angles – its the principle of the thing.” My fingertips slid nervously round all seven sides of what my eyes were insisting was both a cube and an open box. It was very disconcerting.

Edison grunted in response and averted her gaze, preferring to keep checking for any company that might decide to appear. Given how cross-eyed she’d looked when trying to make sense of the object it was probably for the best. Certainly my own eyes were watering in sympathy – a sure sign that something non-euclidian was going on in the construction of the device. I hoped this wasn’t going to go all Lovecraft on us.