Bydureon Pen Changes


I’m still using Bydureon to manage my diabetes, along with Metformin and a reasonably balanced diet. I’ve just been told that the current vial and syringe arrangement that I have to use is about to be changed to a pen unit similar to the one I used with the Byetta.

Until I see the replacement I’m not sure how I feel about this. The leaflet I’ve been given suggests a straight one dose per pen, but that may just be the language being used to reassure me that the medicine and dosage in this new packaging will be the same. Being generally needle-phobic, the statement that the pen uses a needle of the same size as the existing one does not exactly fill me with wild exuberation.

That said, it will almost certainly be easier to set up and use these new pens. The insulin and byetta pens were simple and effective, and I’ve screwed up enough injections with the current arrangement to appreciate anything that saves me a bit of pain.

Oh well, we’ll see when the swap over happens.

Enjoying the summer

I have to say I’m enjoying the heat and sunshine far more than I have in previous years, and its largely down to a couple of physical changes.

Firstly I’m wearing my hair a lot shorter these days than I have done in the past. Long gone are the days of hair down past the small of my back. These days I grab the clippers and buzz cut my hair back to an even grade two about once a month.

Secondly, and far more importantly, is that the weight I lost when I started treatment with Byetta has stayed off with the shift to Bydureon. I still have a little bit of a belly these days, but its more feasibly the type to respond to situps and exercise than the barrel configuration I used to sport.

I even got accused by Lady M of looking skinny on the chest last night, to which I replied that the heat had just made it melt and accumulate further down my body.

In terms of the heatwave then, while I’m sweating along with everyone else in the UK, its more of a perspiring glow than the rivers that I used to have to mop up, so I really can’t complain too much as long as I’m sensible with keeping my fluids up.

The most recent blood tests have all been positive too, so just a bit more weight to come off so I don’t feel totally self conscious when I head to the beach for my honeymoon.

Bydureon Update

Busy day today, so I’m updating on the hoof and swearing under my breath at my phone’s autocorrect suggestions.

I’m currently sat in Staines Two Rivers Costa coffee with sunglasses on, blurry vision, slight nausea and a dull headache. Around me swarm a host of yummy and not-so-yummy mummies and daddies and some bemused pensioners.

I am neither drunk or hungover, merely enduring the side effects of the Tropicamide drops administered about two hours ago as part of my yearly retinopathy exam.

This is where they check to see if the diabetes has mangled my eyesight yet by taking photos of the back of my eye. It’s simple and painless and a part of the diabetic’s year that you just have to get used to. As I can comfortably read the second to last line of the test, I’m not too worried at the moment.

The only downside is that the side effects are similar to the ones I reported earlier in my new Bydureon medication. I took my second dose this morning, and I suspect that things are going easier this time because my preparation of the solution was a little more practices.

it’s very easy to get overenthusiastic in mixing the powder and solution, which can make for a lot of air bubbles. This time I was gentler, and so the grey fluid seemed a lot more fluid in comparison with last week.

So far, this week, the Bydureon side effects seem to be minimal. The only thing I’ve noticed in the last 36 hours has been a return of hunger in the evening and a slight dip in sugars, but I expect that this was part of it being the first week, and so there not being so much of a buffer in my system.

Let’s see how it goes.

Now just waiting on T’other half to return from signing on, and then back home to let this all wear off while she plays with the new Samsung Galaxy S3 she got activated today.

This evening: more stable management, horse grooming and socialising. It’s not a bad life.