About Last Night

With isolation looming for many of us, a group of us self-confessed geeky queers set up a Discord server last night and started playing Cards Against Humanity.

The carnage was livestreamed on the Book of Faces for a while, and I have to say it was a wonderful three hours of letting our collective hair down and laughing at the world. My cheeks have not ached from grinning so much in ages.

Even with the coughing fits and pauses where we had to battle for bandwidth with everyone else using the site it was a great morale boost. It was exhausting, but much needed. Here’s to more, and I think there will be.

With all the worries and upsets around us, having a safe space to unwind is going to be all the more important, and this allows us to keep and make connections even as health dictates we keep our distance. I’d say it may even keep us sane, but that does seem like tempting fate.

Good Tabletop Session

Despite the wind and rain, not to mention the loss of an hour’s sleep, we managed to get most of the Sunday group round the table today. The adventure was rather spectacular, with a number of huge laugh out loud moments that confused many of the customers around us, and it was good to be in such good company.

Just in case you were still expecting dungeon crawls all the time...

I’ve gone distinctly old-school on them, throwing material loosely adapted from the original Temple of Elemental Evil at them, pretty much without any warning or preamble. The original adventure, as written, is a classic dungeon crawl that punishes groups that overextend themselves without mercy. It reads as a pretty static collection of rooms, so while adapting it from first edition to an Eberron-set 3.5 edition adventure I’ve tried to bring a more fluid and dynamic feel to it.

We’ll see how that works as we go along.

Afterwards, some of us went to a local pub and played Cards Against Humanity. I like to think our laughter and robust readings of cards and answers served to make people give us a wide-ish berth, but I think it may just have been their being more focused on the football playing on various screens.

We rounded off the evening with re-watching How to train your Dragon 2, and agreeing that Toothless seemed to share many mannerisms and expressions with Lady P’s springer spaniel, Chips. All in all, a great Sunday, with the added bonus of extra time with Charleesi here as the Easter Holidays just started for her. I could get used to Sundays like this.

General Geekery

I had an interesting evening yesterday down the pub with Lady M, the ex-Lady M, Charleesi and an old friend we’ll call Lady G and her partner – as you do – and we got on to the topic of games. Lady G used to be part of a tabletop gaming group I used to run many many moons ago, but has little interest in roleplay games these days.

What we did discover though was a shared love of Cards Against Humanity; and that she is also a backer for Exploding Kittens, so plans have now started to get our calendars aligned so we can break out the depravity, or at least the laser pointers, and have some old geeky fun.

This really is starting to almost sound like we have a social life. How very ordinary. I’ll do a review of Exploding Kittens when we get a game or two in, looks fun and best played with a glass or two in hand.

Slow but Steady


I’m not saying my day was slow, but I had time between customers, book wrapping, stock control and making hot drinks to doodle a bit, well quite a lot. If nothing else it distracted a number of people long enough to make them agree to pay fines on a couple of occasions.

This evening saw the Charleesi’s first game of Cards Against Humanity, playing against myself and Ladies M and P. I say it’s her first game, but I suspect this to be a slight embroidering of the truth. Maybe her authorly leanings were showing in how narrow my victory was, and in how eyeball scorchingly evil some of her responses were. I’m so proud.

A good evening

Yesterday was busy, with work at the library, followed by the arrival of G+A for dinner, which turned into a game of Cards Against Humanity. This lasted us until the early hours of the morning, and involved many, many bottles of wine, a glorious venison sausage risotto, and the Cheeseboard of Doom.


CAH is one of those games that just brings out the deep black, twisted humour and pushes at the boundaries of taste before pole vaulting over them to sprint off into the distance. As resident “person who makes things up for a living”, I was gracious in my victory 😉