Health Update

I had a diabetic checkup today and I’m pleased to announce it went well. Earlier this year I had one that showed elevated blood sugar levels and a further increase in blood pressure, and thus promoted an increase in dosages and frequency of checks from six months to three months.

Determined to get on top of it I made some dietary and habit changes, and did my best to stay on my new pills and potions regime. Today saw the payoff to that with a decent drop in both markers back to more reasonable levels, and tests for eyes and circulation in my feet both coming back well. My weight has even remained consistent – which is a bag of mixed blessings as I’d ideally like to lose another 10kg to be comfortable.

So all in all that was a huge relief, even if my resting heart rate still makes people wince. I’m hoping that losing some more weight as I take up walking longer distances again will help; but am mindful that another component may well be my generalised anxiety/PTSD twining round my depression and back again to feed on itself.

It sometimes feels a bit chicken and egg, so I’m trying not to focus too much on it, and hoping instead that the ongoing therapy and general physical health work help loosen both sides of it. In other words, stop worrying if the blood pressure and heart rate are exacerbating the anxiety, or if the anxiety is affecting the blood breasure and heart rate, and just work on both elements because it can’t hurt right?

The upshot of all this is that my sanity is still debatable, but I’m not a total physical wreck this month. After a month of aches, pains, and colds this is almost reassuring. I’m also back on the six month checkup routine again.

Conversation with the Diabetic Nurse

…and that’s the nurse who handles diabetic issues, not a nurse who – as far as I’m aware – is diabetic…

N: So how’s it going with the Byetta?

L: Not bad, been feeling a bit sick first thing, but a sliver of dried toast seems to sort it

N: Sounds about right, that’s good – how are the bloods?

L: My fingertips look like I have an infestation of blackfly, but yeah, the levels seem to be dropping over time generally.

N: Oh good, I really just wanted to check that coming off the insulin hadn’t set things off sky-high.

L: (mentally digesting this image) OK – yes would have hated to have my pancreas go on strike all of a sudden.

N: You can probably cut down a bit on the testing now – down to a few times a day will do – and if you feel ill, have something to eat.

L: (slowly) …or I can test and base off that – test before meals?

N: No, check a couple of hours after eating, because the Byetta works better based after you eat you should see the levels dropping to lower than before you ate.

L: seems a little back to front but ok – oh, I’m noticing I’m not eating as much either – cooking meals and then only managing a few mouthfuls – and having to get used to leaving portions if I’m eating out.

N: good, yes – the drug hits the part of your brain that registers being “full” – be a bit too early to see if you’ve lost any weight yet, but we’ll check when you’re back in for a checkup on the 8th.

L: ok then…

N: so see you then, alright? Good to talk

L: bye! *click*

Hmmm – good news I guess… My fingertips at least are happy, and I guess it bodes well for the checkup that the drugs do work…