Phoneless Day

I left my phone at home today – not for any great reason, but just because I was in a hurry. As is usual in such cases, I only realised when I got to work, so just shrugged and got on with it.

It did mean that my peers had to use the branch landlines to get in touch with me through the day – and in the process I think it all underlined how much of our job is based on communication and consensus.

I did manage to get some work done for wider projects currently underway, as well as prepare a bit for the reapplication my job that an upcoming restructure is promising, so it was a productive day – but I did feel a little lost without being able to quickly check mail and news at a moment’s notice.

First world problems…

Keeping in Touch


You would think, in this age of handheld communication wonders, that keeping in touch was easier than ever, but that overlooks the most important link in the chain: people. I was talking recently to someone who always seems to be texting or checking messages, and they revealed that they actually felt more comfortable talking by phone than fielding umpteen messages at a time. For the most part, they felt a pressure to respond that was frustrating. This bemused me. I’d assumed that messaging was their preferred method of communication and so defaulted to messaging to try and fit in. I’m a social chameleon; it seemed a good idea at the time. Since having this conversation I’m going to try calling more often instead.

Still, this just goes to remind me of the old saying about what happens when you assume anything. The saying goes that it makes an Ass of U and Me, and it’s pretty rare that it doesn’t. If I say in a conversation that I’m making an assumption, it is with the expectation that I am wrong and that someone will now correct me. That said, far too many people don’t actually speak up, which leads to a whole new set of problems. That was sometimes half the fun of running projects.

Assumptions and communication look set to be big issues in the next week or so. Lady M has been poking me to get back into the job market, and the lingering effects of the last time I went job hunting are still making me very nervous. I have been asked for convenient times next week for a phone interview for a job however, so wish me luck.  I shall spend this weekend trying to remember how to communicate like a normal person in preparation for it.