Newquay Break

I’ve definitely needed this break. My heartrate falling from 86bpm to 73bpm while we’ve been here is proof alone of that. We’ve been walking or using public transport exclusively while we’re down here too, so it has forced a change of, if you’ll excuse the phrasing, pace.

The flat where we are staying overlooks Newquay harbour – as in we are maybe a minute’s amble to the steps leading down to the beach, skirting the decking of a hotel offering very nice morning coffee. Ten minute’s walk in the other direction and we’re at Fistral Beach, beloved by surfers around the world.

Our local is the Red Lion, which I can highly recommend for the food, beer, and unwavering welcome from the staff. Seek it out in favour of the more touristy bars and pubs in town, and they’ll see you right.

Today we braved the buses and rain to explore the Lost Gardens of Heligan near St Austell – if the return journey hadn’t been so fragmented when it came to threading bus times together we’d have stayed longer, but as it was we got a substantial amount seen, and a clear idea of what we’d like to go back to later.

Lady M faced her fears and braved the Burma Rope Bridge across the Jungle valley while we were there too – taking no nonsense from vertigo along the way.

We’ll be home soon. A sleeper train tomorrow night will ferry us back to London so we can fit more exploration in to our last day, and maximise our weekend at the same time. I wish we had longer away, but there’s still the end of the year to look forward to.

I’d forgotten how lovely this area is – we won’t leave it as long next time

On My Travels

We’re off out for a few days on what feels like my first holiday this year. We’ve had a few odd days off here and there, but they were back around my birthday and mostly consisted of a few days away in Brighton at the Malmaison. The rest of my year has been spent mostly working, which probably hasn’t helped the slow decline of my mental reserves.

So, we’re off to Newquay. I’m wearing shorts. I’ve only had three mild anxiety moments, and that’s despite our original train being cancelled and our having to spontaneously work out another route to Paddington.

Still, no one has been stabbed, or set on fire, so we’re off to a good start.