Things Lady M Says: Gin Night Edition


Knowing that the Ladies M all read this blog, it was perhaps inevitable that they be on the look out for turns of phrase to inform these posts. Lady M may roll her eyes, but the sparkle in her eyes when she reads them or is asked about them by a certain supplier representative, betrays a joy in the silliness and word play evoked.

In this case we have a classic that was carefully leaked on social media so that Lady M could neither deny it or conveniently forget it. To be fair, with the amount of gin consumed it was almost certainly so that the witnesses wouldn’t forget it either.

Rather appropriately then for #Tuesday, Lady M was heard to venture that: “I only drink when I’ve had a hard day down the pub.”

Now this raises the wonderful image of a hard-drinking dedicated bar-propper putting in some serious overtime in a social context. You could be forgiven for assuming that Lady M worries about getting too much blood in her alcohol stream. However, those who know her will confirm two things: firstly, Lady M can put away a serious amount of alcohol when she puts her mind to it, but secondly she doesn’t tend to actually drink very much on any given occasion.

In part this is down to #Tuesday being a ‘school night’ and she needs to have a clear head for navigating the M25 and beating people over the head with contract clauses. Far more importantly, Lady M does not need alcohol to be the life and soul of the party. Her natural effervesce and lust for life makes her shine forth despite herself.

So in this sentence we have another example of that razor sharp mind adding clarifications as if arguing a contract, even after several drinks. Unfold the sentence into “I only drink when we’re down the pub when I’ve had a hard day” and it’s hardly contentious.

That said, I do like the challenge of treating Lady M’s conversations as legal clauses in real-time. Keeps us all on our toes and keeps the potential for teasing high as well.

The Gin Night Cometh

wpid-wp-1440716187665.jpegThe various Ladies M – former, current, and honorary – have been plotting to have a Gin Night since before Christmas. Life being life, things have got in the way until now. Deaths, illness, holidays, and now redecorations have all been endured and put to one side so that they can get together with a variety of different gins, grab some snacks, and put the world to rights.

Everyone I’ve mentioned this to seems to think that I should be terrified by the concept of these formidable women getting together and letting their hair down, but in doing so they miss a fundamental point. This is not about me. This is about their friendship, the support that they offer each other as friends, and their lives. Why on earth should I try and insert myself into the narrative?

For my part, I’ll be picking up the Charleesi, ordering some pizza, and firing up the XBox so we can play games, make sarcastic comments at each other and generally have a chilled out father-daughter night of geekery.

I may, of course, get some new “Things Lady M Says” ideas out of the whole thing – and some of them may even be repeatable in polite society. The rest will become fodder for our usual riotous evenings down The Plough on #Tuesdays.