Back Home

I’ve loved being away despite my wobbles – but there’s still nothing quite like that first shower when you’re home, and the settle back into your own bed. The silence was briefly unexpected and then I remembered this was a good thing and all was well.

We of course hit the souvenir shop on our way out the door, and have some nice odds and ends snuck away for presents as well as for immediate gratification.

Fortunately the traffic and weather was good for the return trip, and I did have one of those quiet moments of sublime happiness at seeing my partners asleep in their seats as I drove for a while. Its no secret I’m a soppy soul.

As a bonus, I have tomorrow off as a planned recovery day. Sleep is very much on the agenda

Rescue Plans

Its that time of year when we remember that the Charleesi is still stuck at university and that we really should look at how to bring her home safely.

So Sunday has been set as our target, and we shall retrieve her and her worldly possessions. Somehow. I say this because our car is in for repairs and we have a tiny Fiat500 as a courtesy vehicle in the meantime.

This, as they say, will be interesting. We might get our car back before the weekend but I’m not counting on it. I shall instead be seeing if we can arrange a series of journeys over the next few days.

What’s the worst that could happen?

Busy day yesterday

Wednesdays are usually pretty busy at the best of times, so I tried to get my head down and plough on with articles. That side of things was relatively successful, but then my daughter and her cousin dropped in after seeing City of Bones at the local cinema.

They’re definitely both growing into confident young ladies with more than a slightly gothic spookiness to them that doesn’t cloud the gleam in their eyes.

Between their glowing enjoyment and reviews I’ve seen calling it gloriously bonkers I do think I’ll have to see if I can catch it at some point.

With conversations then rambling between graphic design, animation courses, roller coaster design, world mythology recycling, Marble Hornets, Minecraft and the costs of graphics tablets there was no way I could carry on doing anything sensible, and by the time I’d fed and watered them and dropped them home I was too tired to stay up and catch up… So guess I’ll be slogging away at deadlines for the next 36 hours…

At last, A Relaxing Weekend


Drama done, a day of work at the library that included prep for next week’s Chatterbooks, and then round to my brother’s place with T’Other Half and a mutual friend for a barbecue/Mad Hatter’s Tea Party.

imageIt’s always interesting, introducing someone new to the bunch of reprobates that make up the Maidment clan and our closest friends. We have a somewhat dry and lateral sense of humour collectively, which can throw people, but we were confident that Lady J would fit right in.

She may have had her doubts, but we’re a relaxed crowd, and the evening went well in a flurry of conversations and good company.  It was a good antidote to a fraught week.

Today we’ve been luxuriating in the return of sunshine and clear skies, planning a surprise for my daughter’s birthday, reading and playing games.

It may sound rather dull in comparison to previous weekends, but we’ve been enjoying making time for each other.

This week promises to be busy, with a Chatterbooks group on Tuesday, an increase in articles booked in, and of course a birthday to celebrate at the end of it.

Can’t wait.

Evening Thoughts

This week has just flown by. I can barely believe its nearly Friday already. Most likely this has been exaggerated by the Bank Holiday this Monday just past which replaced one of the full days I normally work at the library.

Fortunately I’m ahead of myself with the commercial writing work this week, so I can focus a bit more on housework and writing some fiction for myself. With t’other half out at a colleague’s leaving do tomorrow, I suspect I may look up from my keyboard quite late in the evening and feel somewhat bemused.

For now I’m sprawled in bed feeling rather alpha male with Lady M curled up, head on my chest. Her breathing is a soft counterpoint to the sounds of traffic in the distance and I have to admit… that I am content.

Night all, hope your evenings are as chilled and happy as you all prefer.