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Windups in the Library: Seville

“I was looking in the travel books, and I can’t find anything about Seville.” “Where?” “Seville? You know, Spain?” “Are you sure you were looking in the right place?” “Where else might it be? Have we got a display?” “No, … Continue reading

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Woe, woe, woe your boat…

I stayed over at lady s’ on Sunday, and we rounded out our evening with trying out the worst jokes and puns we could think of. The puns in particular got more and more laboured and tortured, fuelled by YouTube … Continue reading

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I finally have some glimpse of the truth and irritation that lives in the hearts of fifty percent of the population. It’s my day off, and I needed to get some more coffee. I was already slobbing around in a … Continue reading

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Cat bells

I really must remember to buy some more small cat bells. I’ve been getting complaints. Oh, not about my silent padding about and giving Lady M and coworkers nasty surprises when I start talking behind them, but about lady s. … Continue reading

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Poly Wants To Play

There’s a stack of shelves in our spare room that is groaning under the weight of many, many games. Card games, board games, and dice games lie alongside rulebooks for various roleplay games and are frequently pawed over before visiting … Continue reading

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The Ministry of Silly Sits

Lady M has had knee pains for quite some time. In one knee it’s been since childhood as a result of intensive dance and gymnastic training (and kneeling on an upturned plug, but let’s not go into that right now). … Continue reading

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Things Lady M Says: Kinked With Laughter

Lady M was recounting a moment from her work day where all professionalism and reserve went out the day as banter and silliness in some downtime had people quietly chuckling. Although there are apparently new people in the wider team … Continue reading

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