Remembering to be ill

I’m forcing myself to take the day off and just be unwell. My brain is screaming at me to go to work but I can’t fix anything else while I’m still breathless and in pain.

Besides, the partners have very gently frowned every time I’ve talked of work today and even at my most oblivious I have occasional moments of clarity.

I’m exhausted, everything aches, I’m now chasing my GP for an appointment

Still Ill

I managed a couple of hours at work yesterday before the hot and cold running sweats and all the rest of the symptoms of this bug were too much to bear. I at least managed to cover the lunchbreaks of my staff and let colleagues know I was in no state to be working – so today I’m staying home and mostly wrapped up in blankets and comfortable clothing while I rest and keep hydrated.

So that’s why I’m currently wrapped up in what could charitably be described as a shroud of material, looking like the grim reaper or one of his clients. Its the long hoodie I bought for the next iteration of my Karnak cosplay, and its greener than it looks in the photo. Right, back to bed.