Re-Adjusting and Chilling Out

I think I woke up about lunchtime today, proving that even my nightowl-orientated metabolism needs to recharge when dealing with the dreaded red-eye. We’re trying to get back to operating within UK daylight hours, so rather than go straight to bed when we got home yesterday, we stayed up and got all the unpacking and unwinding we could.

Lady P dropped round for a while to return our keys (she’s been looking after the balcony vegetable garden while we’ve been away, and we have even more tomatoes growing happily away in the small forest that has now established itself out there). In return we gave her a couple of small gifts that had practically jumped off the shelves while we were away, and from the grin on her face I’d say we picked the right things out for her. A slow evening of pizza and catching up on Doctor Who and we called it a night.

So, a slow start this morning. Fortunately the same was true of everyone else in the household too, so I didn’t feel like the odd one out as I traipsed out to get some eggs and bacon to start making some brunch.

As the girls put it, it was nice to be back to some good old-fashioned British-sized portions – and by that I mean platefuls that can’t be used to sink small battleships, and definitely not covered in cheese of any description. The rest of our day has been spent watching Frozen (Charleesi hasn’t seen it before), playing games (Assassin’s Creed 4 for all the sun, sea and landscapes we’re now missing), and sorting out pictures for Facebook.

We’re mostly caught up on sleep, and I’m maybe a couple of hours out of sync now – it feels simultaneously like 4pm and midnight, so averaging out it seems about right. Should be all systems go for the new working week by the time I get there.

Disney Last Day

So now I’m sitting in my local coffee shop, having just flown in to Gatwick and survived the M25, very aware that I’ve been awake for over twenty four hours, and the Disney holiday is over.

Checkout was smooth, with an added bonus that the laundry we’d had done wasn’t entered onto the billing system, so we got it for free. With a few entries left on our dining plan and our flight not due to leave until 8pm we decided to just find a quiet corner to read and take advantage of the air conditioning.

The staff were perfectly accomodating and left us to our own devices, and I got the impression that this wasn’t too uncommon a practice for people to use up their spare credits like this.

Packing had mostly been done the previous evening so we cheekily asked the American Airlines check-in desk at the resort if we could check our baggage weight. They had no problems with that, and so reassured about our luggage and with only one or two sat-nav related oddities, we set off back to Orlando International Airport.

Check in and TSA clearance went smoothly despite it being very busy and the only real moment of hilarity came when my daughter managed to spill a whole can of Sprite into her own lap. “Refreshing!” she commented at the time…

So what am I missing about this holiday already? The excellent  customer service, the different driving styles, the more evening-night-based lifestyle, the ferociously flushing toilets, the sightings of turtles and otters in the lake on the way to breakfast in the mornings.

I’m missing the automated announcements in the Disney buses to take your children by the hand (presumably instead of by the throat), not to mention the ability of US caterers to add cheese to every meal.

I’m especially missing the heat and sunshine now I’m back in the UK, but at least I know where I stand with persistent drizzle and watery cloud cover. I also seem to have quickly remembered how to drive stick and stay on the correct side of the road (mostly), which is helpful.

Now, time for more caffeine…