A Moment of Lightness

With new staff starting this week, some dynamics have of course shifted a little, and I was pleasantly surprised at lunchtime to hear something from the staffroom that I’ve not heard in a while: happy people. There was laughter, even.

It took me a moment even to place it, what with the blur of change and stress that covid and restructures and new systems have put on people. But there it was: a lightness of tone in people’s voices, laughter, and a general relaxation even if just in that moment.

Here’s to more to come.

Awesome Gamers


Today went quickly, largely through being busy, and has ended in laughter which is never a bad thing. It’s always been a great joy how the people who play these games participate so wholeheartedly in the collaborative elements and tonight has been no exception. I’d bashed together a couple of potential road trip encounters to keep people interested while we transitioned in to the planned new phase of the game, but I think something rather awesome just happened.

As they were travelling by sea, I thought I’d throw in a swashbuckling pirate attack to spice things up. It was very much going to be a casual combat encounter, but as the rope swinging and cutlass-waving started, the players decided they wanted to capture the pirate ship.

So they did.

I’ve got a lot of quick rewriting and world-building to do, because I think we just diverted the whole campaign into a Dungeons & Dragons version of Pirates of the Caribbean crossed with Assassins Creed: Black Flag. They’ve even got a macguffin that powers that be would like to get their hands on, so let’s see where this goes…

The laughter and sheer joy on the faces of the people playing this evening has done me a power of good, even with the head cold that has detonated in my sinuses this evening. This bodes well for the rest of the week.