January 326th

There’s still another month of January to go, Christmas was three years ago, and nobody knows what’s happening any more. That joke, more or less paraphrased, is all over my social media feed at the moment and it’s definitely resonating strongly.

I can’t even claim that it’s nearly the weekend as I’m working tomorrow, and timetabling in my head stopped me sleeping until the early hours of the morning. I was convinced I’d made a grevious error yesterday in who I’d asked to be in certain places for tomorrow. As it turned out when I got in to work an hour early today, that wasn’t the case, but it was just as well as there was a photocopier engineer waiting at the door for me.

Time? A meaningless construct? It certainly feels that way

What Day Is It?

It’s official, I’ve finally reached that stage of the Christmas holidays where I’ve lost track of what day it is. I was beginning to feel left out. It was only when I messaged lady s about something this morning and she reminded me that it was only Sunday today that I realised that I have entered that weird state fuelled by excess and no work where I have come adrift from all routine.

Admittedly the amount of driving up and down and across the country hasn’t helped as those have now taken on the status of week resets even by dint of not being actually a week apart.

So yes, this is my reminder to myself that it’s the last Sunday of the year and decade. A quick look at the site stats tells me that this is the busiest the site has been in four years in terms of traffic – must be all the more regular posting I’ve got back into doing 😉

Right, I’m off out to see my daughter for our third? Christmas. Have fun everyone