Rainy Monday Wake-up

There’s nothing quite like the sound of what might be a river outside your window to add a certain frisson to the decision to open your eyes in the morning. Half-buried under duvet and a small mountain of soft toys, that was my first conscious sensory input this morning.

The knowledge that it was an Inset Day, and that lady s and I wouldn’t have to do battle with the cub to go out in that weather arrived soon after. It didn’t stop me opening my eyes to check that there wasn’t actually a river flowing down the wall. As it turned out, the auditory confusion was coming from driving rain against the window panes and sill, a fast flowing drainage overflow pipe, and some kind of outlet releasing steam from somewhere.

Content that the room wasn’t about to flood, I’ll admit I did then turn over and do my best to burrow back into the nearest pillow and snuggle for a little while longer. There are worse ways to start a day, even if you know you’ll be spending the rest of it on the train home.

Neither of us wanted to get up, even though daylight and pre-booked train tickets wait for no one – but I was at least already dressed when the cub burst in wanting morning cuddles. I was honoured with at least ten seconds of enthusiastic cuddles before he bounced off in search of breakfast, a charger, and his Switch (more or less in that order). He is never that bouncy on a school day. To be fair, neither am I.

Monday Yuck

I can tell it’s a Monday, my eyes feel gritty and I really want to be curled up in bed. It is a phenomenon I’m well familiar with, as I’m sure many of you are too.

Having had a relatively quiet weekend, I cannot blame the tiredness on anything physical, and apart from a slightly runny nose I don’t appear to be hosting more than the usual viral and germ related infestations and infections we all barely notice on a daily basis.

I can only put it down to selfish laziness on a subconscious level. This means I can either torment myself uselessly about it or kick myself up the backside and force myself to get on with working and pretending to be a productive member of society.

Can I go back to being a self involved, unaware slug please?