Quiet Moments

I’m on my own, setting up for the day at the library, and there’s a certain calm to the quiet that eases my mind and nerves. Maybe its the sense of being master of my domain, or the reassurance of being alone with books and the promise of what may come today.

Either way, even with a building site next door, the quiet of a library first thing in the morning takes some beating as a way to set you up for the day.

All the computers are on, cash in the tills, daily timetable drawn up, and a clear set of shelving awaiting today’s returns. Time for a cuppa before I open the doors I think.

Good Morning 2015

I’ve just woke up with a clear head, so well done 2015 so far. This is a good start. You’re still on probation, but keep this up and that’ll look good on your report.

Settling down last night, Lady M mused “What are we going to do with 2015?” My response was instant, bombastic and made her laugh:

“We’ll make it cry before our awesomeness!” So, no pressure on ourselves or anything. It does sound like an excellent challenge though: to push harder, enjoy the weirdness and embrace the change and opportunities before us.

I suppose getting out of bed and making breakfast will be a good place to start. Might even put some clothes on too!