Mothering Sunday Gaming


Mothering Sunday in the UK is one if those rare card days that I pay attention to. That’s largely down to its origins as a church holiday rather than a purely commercial exercise, even if I don’t practice any particular religion these days. I grew up in a vicarage, and the lingering influence of a church-orientated upbringing adds a certain spin to how I view certain holidays and seasonal celebrations.

These days, there’s a series of aspects I have to navigate around, and these range between making sure that Charleesi can spend time with her mother (much less fraught these days as things have become far more amicable between my ex-wife and I); being mindful of those I know who have lost their mothers; knowing there’s always going to a quiet pang for Lady M as she can’t have children; oh and trying to get in touch with my own mother and realising the day has zipped past all too quickly.

All this means that my stress levels have been a little elevated today, and not just because today has also been our first tabletop game session where we’ve actually had the adventurers in action. The session itself went gloriously well, with only one near-death resulting from character misadventure (the halfling thief accidentally shooting the half-orc monk in the back of the head while firing into a melee). I think we had a lot of coffee house customers wondering what all the laughter was about.

A great afternoon, and then a pleasant evening in the company of Charleesi and past and present Ladies M at a local pub for a Mothers’ Day meal and drink. We might have confused a few people who were trying to work out the social dynamics in play, especially when stories of Charleesi’s childbirth and gestation mingled with injury treatment descriptions, illness survival and intergenerational wind-ups.

It’s all going to feel a bit normal at work tomorrow at this rate.