Sciatic Annoyance

I still have this trapped nerve in my left leg/buttock – though there is now a worrisome part of me that is considering whether it is actually diabetic nerve damage given the amount of pins and needles sensations in my left foot.

Everything is fine if I keep moving, but sitting down for any length of time then means that attempting to walk feels like my hamstring is tight and the core of my thigh aches when it isn’t dealing with hot and cold running stabbing pains.

Maybe this means its getting better? I can’t tell any more. I’ll give it a few more days before annoying a GP. I’ve still got good circulation and sensation in that foot, so its not like its going to fall off just yet.

Yes, it is making me grumpy.


Just had a nice day catching up with people and buying things for my parents’ golden wedding anniversary that’s coming up soon. As part of the celebrations we’re all gathering at a hotel shortly for a meal, and all three of us are going.

Are there worries? Yes, of course – on all sides I’m sure – but it’s not like we’re going to be giving a slideshow about polyamory and seducing the catering staff. We’re there to celebrate among family and loved ones and contribute to an amiable and chatty evening of food and joyfulness.

Presents have been bought; now I just have to sort out wrapping paper and a card that doesn’t feel laced with saccharine. I’m perhaps more worried about that than anything else.

Lady S has the biggest worries, and understandably so: she doesn’t really know anyone there, and that’s daunting under any circumstances, not just at a family celebration, let alone as part of a non-traditional family unit.

All will be well.